Thinking about buying a bike?

Great! We understand there is a large level of commitment involved with buying. Sure it may not be as big as having your first child, but it’s still something that you need to think about and weigh your options – especially with all the bikes on the market.

Mountain Bikes are OK for pavement (with a tire change of course) but are best for rocky and dirt trails and single track paths through the woods and gravel roads.

Mountain Bikes come in two varieties:

  • Hardtail bikes feature a front suspension fork and a rigid back with no rear suspension shocks. This type of mountain bike is much less expensive and lighter in weight than a typical full-suspension mountain bike. A hardtail is the more versatile choice if you plan to use it for both paved and unpaved surfaces. The tradeoffs from a full-suspension mountain bike? A hardtail is less able to safely handle more technical singletrack trails, provides less overall shock absorption and, in some situations, delivers less rear wheel traction.
  • Full-suspension bikes have both front and rear suspension shocks making them ideal for backcountry trails or technical (steep, bumpy, twisty) singletrack. They also stand up to more aggressive riding including jumps or drops of up to 5 feet. As mentioned above, full-suspension bikes are more expensive and generally heavier than hardtail bikes.

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