New Clearance Bikes

As the seasons change new bikes roll in we often have a bike or two that has gotten a little long in the tooth.  Here we present a selection of bikes that are brand new, but aren't current offerings from their company.  A great place to find a deal, as often only a couple small changes seperate these bikes from their current brethren.  This is also the place to find bikes that may have a cosmetic blemish from being on display.  Bikes here come with the full warranty and our life-time basic tune up service.


  • 2017 Santa Cruz Bronson CC

    Great 2017 bike for sale! CALL FOR PRICING!

    Large XT Kit Available

  • 2017 Transition Scout Carbon

    Great 2017 all-around bike for sale. CALL FOR PRICING!

    Medium Available

  • Santa Cruz
  • EVIL
  • Transition Bike Company
  • Giant
  • Liv
  • Industry Nine
  • Cane Creek
  • Smith Optics
  • Hippy Tree
  • Big #6 for Brewsterdog today. Happy Birthday.
  • Salt Lake***Sun Valley***Big Sky*** who knows good overnight spots for
  • A few rides in and super impressed with the @transitionbikes #snuggler
  • @transitionbikes plastic #Smuggler. Super pumped on this build. #thepi
  • Dropped the van off in #Wydaho with @inspired_van ::: not a bad view f
  • That’s a wrap. Finished up the Wydaho snow’n-go with a Glory lap. Almo

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