Bike Rentals

Are you visiting the North Carolina area and leaving your bike at home?
Want to have an exciting day exploring the pristine Pisgah forest or riding endless miles of singletrac at DuPont?
No matter the reason, The Hub offers an entire fleet of bike rentals. You can rent them for a single day or for multiple days, additional days are $10 less. If you ride with Clipless (step-in) pedals and are bringing your shoes, we recommend bringing your pedals; they’ll fit right inside your shoes! Bike rentals also include a helmet if needed. We also have trunk racks and hitch racks available for rental.

Notes: We do our best to accommodate any changes or cancellations 48 hours or more prior to the morning of rental. 

  •  Bike rentals are otherwise subject to a $20 cancellation or change fee. 

  •  Our rental period is for the business day, from when we open, and are due back 30 minutes prior to closing. 

  •  Due to the high volume of rentals during peak season, a $100 late fee may apply if bikes are returned after we close. 

  •  Under certain circumstances, a bike may be picked up late in the day prior to the scheduled rental for an additional $30.  Bike must be available and not in need of service / cleaning.  This option must be requested in advance and may be canceled by The Hub staff if bike is requested for rental on the desired early pick up day.

Other restrictions and fees may apply due to: poor weather, trail and bike damaging conditions, excessive wear or damage to a bike, bike swaps, etc

While it is rare that trails are actually closed due to weather, we do try to respect the trail conditions and ride when and where it is appropriate.  If it seems that it may be less than ideal to ride, feel free to ask us for suggestions of where or when would be a good idea!


  • Santa Cruz Nomad

    Pushing the envelope on how versatile a DH bike can be. 170mm of perfection for the Pisgah gnar.

    Full Suspension: $80 per day
    One Each: Medium, Large, XLarge Available

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  • Santa Cruz Bronson C 27.5"

    It goes up and it GETS DOWN. 150mm trail bike for jump lines or all day adventures.

    Full Suspension: $80 a day
    One each: S, M, L, & XL Available

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  • Santa Cruz 5010 C 27.5"

    130mm versatile all-rounder. Awesome for flowy trails. Awesomer for wheelies.

    Full suspension: $80 for the day
    One each: M, L, XL Available

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  • Santa Cruz Hightower LT 29"

    ENDURO brah. 150mm of VPP suspension for HIGH speed rowdiness. Get puckered!

    Full Suspension: $80 for the day
    One Each: M, L, XL Available

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  • Santa Cruz Hightower CC 29"

    Top kit 29er trail bike. 135mm travel with burly 140 Fox 36. Likes to go fast and roll over things. This macaroni machine is an employee favorite.

    Full Suspension: $80 a day
    One each: S, M, L, XL, XXL Available

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  • Juliana Strega

    Lady all-mountain bike with 170mm of VPP suspension perfect for riding some wicked trails. Need a bike park bike? Just ask!

    Full Suspension: $80 per day
    One Each: XSmall, Small Available

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  • Juliana Roubion

    Equipped with six inches of quick-pedaling, bump-devouring suspension, the Roubion is a great all-around bike for a bike park, Pisgah or Dupont. There's nothing lady-like about this ladies bike.

    Full Suspension $80 per day
    One Each: Small Available

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  • Juliana Furtado C 27.5"

    Juliana's 135mm mid- travel bike with 27.5" wheels. Shares a frame with the Santa Cruz 5010. Kick ass bike for riders under 5'6".

    Full Suspension: $80 for the day
    One Each: XS, S Available

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  • Santa Cruz Chameleon 29 R Kit

    Great all-around 29er hardtail. Perfect for Pisgah or Dupont, singletrack or gravel this bike will take you anywhere and everywhere.

    Premium Hardtail: $60 per day
    One each: Medium Available

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  • Santa Cruz Chameleon 27.5+

    27.5+ adventure hardtail. Perfect for Dupont or bikepacking in Pisgah.

    Premium hardtail: $60 for the day
    One each: S, M, L, & XL Available

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  • Giant Fathom 29

    These bikes are mad decent way to have a great day in the saddle if you're "not trying anything crazy". Air forks, 1x11 drivetrains, and snappy handling. Pedal up to the top of Ridgeline and smash to the bottom.

    Hardtails: $40 for the day.
    Two small, two mediums, and one large Available

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  • Giant XtC 24 Disc″

    Most kids bikes suck. This one DOES NOT. Don't leave the little rippers behind. They'll probably beat you up the hill anyway.

    Kids bikes: $35 for a day
    Two available Available

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  • Liv Tempt 2 27.5"

    No compromise for the shortys. Extra small 27.5" hardtail. Best for Dupont adventures.

    Hardtails: $40 for the day.
    One XS Available

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  • Pivot Mach 5.5

    With 140mm of dw-link™ rear travel, it sticks to and claws up just about anything, with unparalleled pedaling efficiency. On descents, the Mach 5.5 Carbon’s incredible square edge bump performance and 160mm travel Fox 36 fork enables you to conquer terrain that makes other bikes cower.

    Full Suspension: $80 per day
    One Each: Medium, Large Available

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  • Pivot Switchblade

    Versatile big wheeled bike. 150mm front / 135mm rear with SUPERBOOST make this bike a quick handling, but stable quiver killer.

    Full Suspension: $80 per day
    One Each: Medium, Large Available

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  • Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt

    130mm small shredder. Great for Pisgah or Dupont for riders around 5'

    Full Suspension: $80 per day
    One Each: XSmall Available

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The Hub shop offers awesome bicycles, killer outdoor gear, friendly service, and the latest in demos and rentals. The helpful and energetic staff is ready for anything. When your adventure is finished, join us for a local brew and tell us about it.  There’s no better place for Bikes, Outdoor Gear and Beer.

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