The Hub carries an exclusive list of canned beer as well as brews on tap. ¬†We’d love to kick back with you after a long day of riding the local trails. Or even if you are just passing through, make sure you stop in the the The Pisgah Tavern and have a pint with us! We would love to hear your story or about your latest adventure. Make sure you check back often as we are always updating our brew list. ¬†Looking for some beer to take with you on your next adventure? ¬†Canned beer is very portable and not very breakable!

The Pisgah Tavern - Brews in a Can

Canned beer kings

Oskar Blues – Dale’s Pale Ale¬†¬†In the new 19.2 oz Stovepipe can!

¬†Oskar Blues – Deviant Dale’s¬†16 oz can

Oskar Blues – G’Knight 16 oz


Pabst-blue-ribbon-beer The original canned beer.


Pabst Blue Ribbon  16 oz Tallboy




Canned beer is goodNew Belgium  Р Shift Pale Lager in a 16 oz can





Brews in the can

Sierra Nevada РTorpedo Extra IPA 16 oz can