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Just got my first ride in on the new 27″ (that’s what I’m calling’ it) aka 650b wheel size.  Rode the boss man’s Full Carbon Rocky Mountain Altitude 790 MSL, Rocky Mountain’s flagship bike for this new wheel size.  Sam has his set up with SRAM’s new XX1 group, so I got to check it out too.

First climb up into the forest I noticed it wasn’t a 29er.  It did climb over the rough stuff better than a 26er, but not quite like a 29er does.  I could solidly tell that this wheel size was in between the other two

With the Fox CTD Remote on the rear shock, switching modes was easy.  I only used the Climb mode on the road, with the fork locked out.  Climbing off-road on the Trail setting was perfect, and worked well in the flats.  Switching to descend mode opened up the capabilities of this bike fully.  Using all 150mm of the travel bombing down the Black Mountain Trail was awesome.  The bike had a stable, yet playful feel.  I could tell the slightly larger wheel size was rolling over the junk better, but it didn’t stop me from tossing the bike around just like it was a 26er.  Gaps were easier to reach than on my 29er, yet I didn’t feel like I had given up any traction.

The SRAM XX1 drivetrain worked flawlessly.  Even without any sort of chain guide up front, the chain never dropped.  The XX1 Type 2 derailleur’s extra tension made sure of that. With such a wide range of gears on one shifter, I was always to be able to get the gear I needed in just a shift or two.  Switching from steep ups to downhills did require quite a few clicks, but didn’t seem to be a problem.  I did notice increased ground clearance courtesy of the 30 tooth ring Sam had installed.  The low gear on this bike is the same as on my 24/32 Shimano chainring setup, with the same high gear as well.  Which means the only things missing are the front shifter and the front derailleur, the worst functioning part of any bicycle!

Rocky Mountain AltitudeThe setup on this particular bike makes it hard not to like it.  A Rock Shox Revelation fork and Reverb Stealth post, full carbon MSL frame, SRAM XX1 group, and 27″ Industry Nine wheels leave nothing to be desired.  The Stealth Reverb does away with the annoying “what’s that hose hitting” feeling, and keeps the look of the bike clean.  The lateral stiffness on those I-9 wheels is already something I love.  At 150 mm with 27″ wheels this bike feels plusher and lighter than many 160mm+ bikes I’ve ridden.  And, it climbs much better than all of them!  If all mountain riding is your style this could just be the “One Bike!”

Demos are arriving in one week.  So come on down and check out what’s new in mountain bikes for yourself.

You can learn more about these bikes on Rocky Mountain’s Altitude specific website:

Have fun out there ! – Jimi

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Giro Feature helmets now on sale. Protect yourself ! Thu, 07 Mar 2013 15:41:06 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Giro Feature

We are overstocked on Giro Feature helmets.

Come get a great deal on Giro’s Enduro style helmet!  Now 25% off!

The evolution of coverage and performance for long-travel trail riding. As trail riding progresses, helmets have to evolve. The Feature starts with a new shape that combines a little more coverage than traditional helmets, with vents that radiate heat up and out of the helmet; perfect for climbing at lower speeds. And when the trail drops, our rugged In-Form fit system offers one-handed fit and stability adjustment, so you can dial-in the perfect feel and stay focused on the trail ahead.

 Learn more about these helmets directly from Giro.giro

giro feature

The Giro Feature, Now on sale!

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Get Down with the Up Down..A guide to the Rockshox Reverb Sat, 23 Feb 2013 21:46:00 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Rock Shox Reverb

WARNING: You may end up with one on every bike you own.

Thinking about diving into the wickedly awesome and amazing world of height adjustable seatposts?  How does this sound?….No more letting your seatpost  ride you down the downhills and no more stopping, dropping and repeating.

Height adjustable seatpost have been around for a long time now but when the Rockshox Reverb hit the market the frenzy began.  Now there more than you can shake a stick at.  As a bike shop we get to test and work on ALL of them.

Here’s a quick little guide of key features that puts the Rockshox Reverb ahead of the rest in our book.

Ease of Service-  Yes everything on your bike requires maintenance.  There are two types of maintenance: Preventative and Corrective.  The more you do of the preventative the less the corrective costs you! Adding a height adjustable seatpost to your bike does add another part that needs to be maintained.  The Reverb requires little preventative maintenance.  When corrective is needed every part is individually replaceable.  This means you don’t have to buy a full rebuild kit just to replace one o-ring.

Hydraulic vs. Cable Actuated-  This leads back to ease of service.  So far the Reverbs hydraulically actuated system is the clear winner.  It may require a bleed here and there but it works awesome no matter the conditions.  Cable actuated posts have a nasty habit of needing new cables and housing.  If you live and ride in a wet environment this is something to think about.

Infinite Travel vs.  Preset Points-  This is just a bonus.  When the terrain is completely dynamic and each obstacle the trail presents requires a different body position on the bike, don’t let your seatpost get in the way.


New Service Offerings- With the Reverb being our staff pick for height adjustable seatpost, The Hub now offers everything from routine bleeds to full overhauls to keep your Reverb going up and down.

Standard Bleeds:  $10-15  Rebuilds:  $30 – $60 (small parts not included)

Come check us out!

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650b’er, 27.5″er or tween’er Fri, 04 Jan 2013 18:58:00 +0000 Continue reading ]]>  


The advantages that a larger wheel has to offer when it comes to rolling through rough terrain are undeniable.  These concepts have been proven on 29-inch wheel platforms over the past few years.  As 29-inch wheels have moved from XC to longer travel chassis, geometry issues have began to arise.  In order to fit 29-inch wheels on a 6-inch travel bike, a very long and clumsy wheel base is inevitable.

The tween’er wheel size 650b (27.5″) has been one of the most anticipated new industry standards of the past year. It gives designers and engineers one more tool to go and dial in the ride characteristics of different designs to achieve the perfect feel. It also gives them a chance to take some of the advantages of the larger wheel size and apply them to more aggressive trail bikes.

What does this mean for you? More to choose from! Though the number of bikes you will ever need will always be n+1; you now have a greater likely hood of getting a bike that perfectly suits your style of riding and the style of trail you find yourself ripping down.

Good news is we at the HUB take stocking all the drool inducing goods you will ever need very seriously.

Scott Genius 730

Imagine that skinny awkward kid with the big glasses you knew in high school. Now imagine that kid got married to a super model and is good at every thing; that’s the 2013 Scott Genius.  Scott took the race proven suspension design of the Spark, put some meat on the bones and bumped up the travel; out came this beauty. Now available for sale and for demo at The HUB.

-Scott Bikes for more info.


2013 Fox Float 34 160 CTD 27.5″- Bike Mags “Gear of the Year!”

Equipped with Fox’s new CTD (Climb. Trail. Descend.) damper platform and 34mm stanchions, this fork is ready for all of your all-mountain endeavors. Epic climbs for epic descents are the things this fork was born of.  Perfect option for the front end of those 650b trail bikes out there.

Fox Review

MAXXIS ARDENT 27.5 x 2.25


The Maxxis Ardent has been our go to tire for the past year or two.  These things will jump on any sketchy piece of off-camber rowdy root mess like a spider monkey on a tree, without feeling like you just mounted up a large set of tractor tires. Now in stock in 27.5″.

Q-tubes 27.5″ Q-tubes 27.5" 650b Tubes

You always need some extra tubes.  We were stoked to see these come in simply because before now it has been very difficult to find some in larger sizes.

Rocky Mountain Altitude 

The Rocky Mountain Altitude got a face lift 650b style but that’s not the best part.  The Altitude now features Ride Nine suspension.  Ride Nine is a feature that allows you to adjust the geometry of the bike without affecting the shock rate.  It also allows for the opposite; you can change the shock rate without affecting the geometry.  These things have Pisgah written all over them and we are patiently but painfully awaiting their arrival.  Soon to be available for sale and demo at The HUB.

-Rocky Mountain for more info

Rocky Mountain Altitude




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Tis’ the Season- Last Minute Gift Ideas Sat, 22 Dec 2012 16:07:12 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Great Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year! Yes the one where you are panicking and struggling to find the perfect gift for that outdoor adventurer you love so much.  Panic no more, the crew at the Hub has you covered.  We took some time and came up with a few of our favorite last minute gift ideas that don’t break the bank.

Park Tool Pizza Slicer Gift Idea

The Park Tool Pizza Slicer

“It’s a bicycle, it’s a pizza cutter!”-

Slice through your next piece of pie with Park Tool’s PZT-2 Pizza Cutter. Perfect for those of us that incorporate biking into absolutely every aspect of our lives


Highland Brewing Cold Mountain Winter AleHighland Brewing Cold Mountain Seasonal Ale

One of the most sought after beers in our region, the Highland Cold Mountain Winter Ale will warm any beer lovers soul.  This lightly hopped malty ale is rounded out by a mix of spices featuring vanilla and hazelnut.  Cold Mountain is the perfect complement to any of your holiday adventures.





Klean Kanteen Stainless Pint

Klean Kanteen Stainless Pint

Twinkies and cockroaches don’t have  a thing on this crucial piece of gear. The Klean Kanteen Stainless pint might very well be the last cup you have to buy.  Durable, versatile, reusable and adventure rated; the stainless pint is perfect for your morning coffee or after work beer…or vice versa.


SkinFare Organic Skincare StickSkinFare Organic skin care sticks.

“Leave no chafe” with SkinFare’s Organic Skincare Stick.  Pick your flavor with scents that suit both men and women. This is quite possibly one of the best gifts under $10.


Various Brands of SocksSocks!

Cause every adventurer needs more socks! Good thing we have a great selection from Smartwool, Darn Tough, Wigwam, Swiftwick, Defeet and Sockguy.

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Rental Bike Fleet Sale ! Fri, 07 Sep 2012 18:55:36 +0000 Continue reading ]]> It’s that time of year again.  Time to Freshen Up our rental fleet and get you a great deal on a used bike.  Our bikes are tuned after each rental and “Super”tuned at the end of the year.  Rental bikes are in the fleet for one year only and will be available October 15.  Some bikes may be available sooner.  Just call and ask!  Each bike comes with have a one-year service plan which includes free Basic Tune-ups.

Rental Bikes

Rental BikeKona Nunu – 2011

Was $800  Now $450

Sizes available:

2x 14″, 2x 16″, 2X 18″, 20″


Rental Bike2012 Scott Spark 60

Was $1900 – Now $1375

Sizes Available:

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large





Rental Bike

2012 Scott Aspect Tour 29

Was $609 – Now $425

Sizes available:

Medium, Large, Extra Large

Demo Bikes

Rental Bike

2012 Niner Sir9

SLX/Reba Team RLT

Was $3299 – Now $2250

Size Available: Large





Rental Bike

Niner Jet 9  X7/Recon Gold

Was $4400 – Now $3500

Size Available: Small



Rental Bike

Niner Rip 9  XO Build

Was $4800 – Now $3099

Sizes Available:

Medium, Large, Extra Large


Rental Bike

Ibis Mojo HD

Medium XT/Talas build
Was $6166 – Now $3750

Small X7/Revelation/Industry 9
Was $4750 – Now $3500

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Ibis Cycles’ Bringing Demo Bikes To Pisgah Thu, 06 Sep 2012 18:18:20 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Kirk and his fleet of beautifully crafted carbon Ibis bicycles will be @ The Hub and Pisgah Tavern This Sunday, September 9th. This is part of Ibis’ annual USA Demo Tour. These bikes are loaded with great build kits are maintained extremely well.

The Dirt:  Sunday September 9th. 10am-4pm. bring an I.D. and Credit Card as hostage, while you shred some Pisgah on one of the best bikes to lay its tires on this planet.

Check out Ibis’ website for more information on the bikes. Don’t forget to use their bike builder to customize your future Ibis.

Ibis Website

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Ibis Cycles’ Bringing Demo Bikes To Pisgah Thu, 06 Sep 2012 16:48:20 +0000 Continue reading ]]>

Kirk and his fleet of beautifully crafted carbon Ibis bicycles will be @ The Hub and Pisgah Tavern This Sunday, September 9th. This is part of Ibis’ annual USA Demo Tour. These bikes are loaded with great build kits are maintained extremely well.

The Dirt:  Sunday September 9th. 10am-4pm. bring an I.D. and Credit Card as hostage, while you shred some Pisgah on one of the best bikes to lay its tires on this planet.

Check out Ibis’ website for more information on the bikes. Don’t forget to use their bike builder to customize your future Ibis.

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Fall is coming to Pisgah! Wed, 05 Sep 2012 15:43:06 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Alas, cool air is on the horizon. Summer was great, but Fall is what Pisgah is all about. Dry, crisp, sunny days filled with “did you see that?” While the leaves begin to fall and the trails become slip and slides, we at the Hub want to say thank you. Thanks for a great summer!

On Sunday October 14th, we are going to hold our annual Fall Fiesta. This year will be a bit different, in that we feel it should be focused on all of you. A day of appreciation for all of our loyal customers. We would not be here without you. It has been such a blessing serving the Pisgah/Brevard area for the last 4 years. Come by on Sunday October 14th for a free BBQ lunch,Beer Specials, music, MEGA goodies raffle, and midnight seasonal trail opener group ride!

More Details to come Soon!


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Pisgah Trail Conditions Mon, 02 Apr 2012 18:23:26 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Find more about Weather in Pisgah Forest, NC
Click for weather forecast

Pisgah Trail Conditions

Here, we’ll report on the trails that we are responsible for & what’s going on with them. If you would like to go out other than a “non official work day”, please click on the trail & it will bring up the emails for the persons that need to be aware (trail coordinator & Pisgah rangers). Thanks!

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