650b’er, 27.5″er or tween’er



The advantages that a larger wheel has to offer when it comes to rolling through rough terrain are undeniable.  These concepts have been proven on 29-inch wheel platforms over the past few years.  As 29-inch wheels have moved from XC to longer travel chassis, geometry issues have began to arise.  In order to fit 29-inch wheels on a 6-inch travel bike, a very long and clumsy wheel base is inevitable.

The tween’er wheel size 650b (27.5″) has been one of the most anticipated new industry standards of the past year. It gives designers and engineers one more tool to go and dial in the ride characteristics of different designs to achieve the perfect feel. It also gives them a chance to take some of the advantages of the larger wheel size and apply them to more aggressive trail bikes.

What does this mean for you? More to choose from! Though the number of bikes you will ever need will always be n+1; you now have a greater likely hood of getting a bike that perfectly suits your style of riding and the style of trail you find yourself ripping down.

Good news is we at the HUB take stocking all the drool inducing goods you will ever need very seriously.

Scott Genius 730

Imagine that skinny awkward kid with the big glasses you knew in high school. Now imagine that kid got married to a super model and is good at every thing; that’s the 2013 Scott Genius.  Scott took the race proven suspension design of the Spark, put some meat on the bones and bumped up the travel; out came this beauty. Now available for sale and for demo at The HUB.

-Scott Bikes for more info.


2013 Fox Float 34 160 CTD 27.5″- Bike Mags “Gear of the Year!”

Equipped with Fox’s new CTD (Climb. Trail. Descend.) damper platform and 34mm stanchions, this fork is ready for all of your all-mountain endeavors. Epic climbs for epic descents are the things this fork was born of.  Perfect option for the front end of those 650b trail bikes out there.

Fox Review

MAXXIS ARDENT 27.5 x 2.25


The Maxxis Ardent has been our go to tire for the past year or two.  These things will jump on any sketchy piece of off-camber rowdy root mess like a spider monkey on a tree, without feeling like you just mounted up a large set of tractor tires. Now in stock in 27.5″.

Q-tubes 27.5″ Q-tubes 27.5" 650b Tubes

You always need some extra tubes.  We were stoked to see these come in simply because before now it has been very difficult to find some in larger sizes.

Rocky Mountain Altitude 

The Rocky Mountain Altitude got a face lift 650b style but that’s not the best part.  The Altitude now features Ride Nine suspension.  Ride Nine is a feature that allows you to adjust the geometry of the bike without affecting the shock rate.  It also allows for the opposite; you can change the shock rate without affecting the geometry.  These things have Pisgah written all over them and we are patiently but painfully awaiting their arrival.  Soon to be available for sale and demo at The HUB.

-Rocky Mountain for more info

Rocky Mountain Altitude




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