Get Down with the Up Down..A guide to the Rockshox Reverb

Rock Shox Reverb

WARNING: You may end up with one on every bike you own.

Thinking about diving into the wickedly awesome and amazing world of height adjustable seatposts?  How does this sound?….No more letting your seatpost  ride you down the downhills and no more stopping, dropping and repeating.

Height adjustable seatpost have been around for a long time now but when the Rockshox Reverb hit the market the frenzy began.  Now there more than you can shake a stick at.  As a bike shop we get to test and work on ALL of them.

Here’s a quick little guide of key features that puts the Rockshox Reverb ahead of the rest in our book.

Ease of Service-  Yes everything on your bike requires maintenance.  There are two types of maintenance: Preventative and Corrective.  The more you do of the preventative the less the corrective costs you! Adding a height adjustable seatpost to your bike does add another part that needs to be maintained.  The Reverb requires little preventative maintenance.  When corrective is needed every part is individually replaceable.  This means you don’t have to buy a full rebuild kit just to replace one o-ring.

Hydraulic vs. Cable Actuated-  This leads back to ease of service.  So far the Reverbs hydraulically actuated system is the clear winner.  It may require a bleed here and there but it works awesome no matter the conditions.  Cable actuated posts have a nasty habit of needing new cables and housing.  If you live and ride in a wet environment this is something to think about.

Infinite Travel vs.  Preset Points-  This is just a bonus.  When the terrain is completely dynamic and each obstacle the trail presents requires a different body position on the bike, don’t let your seatpost get in the way.


New Service Offerings- With the Reverb being our staff pick for height adjustable seatpost, The Hub now offers everything from routine bleeds to full overhauls to keep your Reverb going up and down.

Standard Bleeds:  $10-15  Rebuilds:  $30 – $60 (small parts not included)

Come check us out!

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