sam salman

Sam is always on the injured reserve list. He can usually be found sneaking out to catch a quick ride. Sam started mountain biking in high school, but really got into it when he moved to Brevard for college. His favorite rides include: Squirrel Gap, Bennett Gap, Farlow Gap, Black Mtn, Long Dupont Rides, Cantrell Creek, and many others. If you get a chance, get him out of the shop for a ride…he needs it.

History With The Shop

I have always loved bikes. My childhood was chalked full of plywood and cinderblocks. After spending my college years in Brevard, my wife and I knew we had to stay. When the opportunity came across to run a bike shop, I jumped at the idea. It has been a whirlwind of excitement, learning, and giving back. I could not be any happier with the progression of shop, and its ever growing community! May the years ahead of me, at The Hub, be as great!

What You Ride (bike)

  • Rocky Mountain Element 29
  • Kona Raijin
  • Ibis Hakkalugi
  • Kona Ute

Your Dream Bike

  • Ibis Ripley- Sram XO Type-II
  • Fox 34 Talas RLC
  • Industry Nine EN29 Wheelset

One Place You’ve Wanted to Hike, Bike or Climb.

  • I would love to head to Canada for the BC Bike Race, and head over to Squamish for some climbing.